Posted by: Delfini Studios - Diafani, Karpathos | April 30, 2015

62 Stranded Afghan and Syrian refugees helped to safety by locals in Diafani, Karpathos

This made me so happy. It occurred two days ago. Roula Papavasili took the awesome photos below. She’s kindly given permission to share. Thank you, Roula!

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In the pitch dark night, on the uninhabited island of Saria, 62 souls found themselves scattered on the mountain desperately searching for help that wasn’t there.

Rescue did come. It practically took all night for Diafani’s port authority and police to find them and gather them. They boarded Orfanos’ tourist boat and all 62 men, women and children were brought to safety at 9 AM to Diafani. The photos begin from that moment and they are amazing.

The stay would be very brief as the island’s capital was alerted immediately and transport was arranged. Many in the town rushed together to prepare a meal with the limited time they had. The church hall was used to provide food and shelter to the Syrian and Afghan guests.

I know with Greece’s limited resources at this time, it may be hard to help others. But the heroic and generous Diafaniotes did an excellent job of treating their welcomed guests with dignity. I’ve used 200 words for this post. All I needed though were the photos and this Bible verse to get the message across:

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in…”

My hope for the 62 Afghans and Syrians is that they find the refuge and peace they are truly seeking.



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