Posted by: Delfini Studios - Diafani, Karpathos | October 22, 2013

Scenes from an “Ristorante Italiano” La Gorgona – Diafani Karpathos

10-22-2013 6-26-18 AMScenes from an Italian Restaurant: click here for more photos and info.

We all know the wonderful and dynamic Gabriella is the driving force behind the great atmosphere and delicious, authentic Italian dishes, sweets, and drinks. I can hear her now, “What is this Fettuccine Alfredo… there is no such thing as Alfredo Sauce in Italy… and it is pronounce FE-TTU-CHIIIINI not fedachini…” : ) She sets my city ways straight. Don’t get me started on the espresso vs. “Mickey-Mouse coffee” lessons. If I can’t hear Gabriella, I can hear the eclectic mix of jazz, Italian, Portuguese, you name it, playing on the sound system. If you can’t hear that, you hear the musical stylings of Delfini Studio’s number one fan and guest, Tim, playing his guitar and everyone singing a long or better yet, a mash-up of local instruments and musicians playing their lyra and lauto with the guitars and bongos (and one summer, a kazoo!) of our tourists that have become like family. And sometimes, there’s silence. Beautiful silence. You can’t hear the waves, because there are no waves in the summer, only beautiful silence and the view of the peaceful crystal clear sea, which Diafani was named after.

Although, I’m a Baltimore girl and my parents fled the little sea side village for a better life here, it seems this generation wishes we could go back any chance we can to experience the type of magic that happens at La Gorgona.


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