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Discover Karpathos: A Hiker’s Paradise and So Much More

Walk to your heart’s content If there is a hiker-paradise in the Aegean, it must be on Karpathos. Centuries-old cobblestone paths lead to forgotten ancient sites, roadless villages without electricity or other mod cons and breath-taking views. The hiking trails crisscross the island but are best in the north. Read more about the hidden gems of Karpathos…

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From Alpha to Omega: Your Travel Guide to Greece

Everything you’ll need to know before, during, and for your return trip to Greece. Read it here:

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Travelers visit Greece. Adventure-ers go to Karpathos!

Forbes has included the island of Karpathos among the best budget places to travel in 2018, based on the preferences of tourism experts. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.


Photo of Diafani, Karpathos

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Welcome to Karpathos: Relax, have fun and enjoy the ride!

Featured article in The Jerusalem Post 07/01/2015

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Germany Launches Direct Flights to Karpathos

Read more here

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Wonder Women

Yiayia and my sis

Have you seen the movie yet?! I thought it was pretty amazing. My sister and I planned a month ahead of the premiere to see it. I even took the day off from work to be in New York with my sister. Priorities, ya know?

Being that March is women’s history month and we celebrated International Women’s Day a few weeks ago (yes, of course it’s everyday…), I’d like to dedicate this post to my Wonder Woman: Yiayia Kalitsa

Yiayia’s Utopia

She opened the first bed and breakfast in Diafani, built it brick by brick with my grandfather. She was the reservationist, the housekeeper, general manager, food and beverage manager, accountant, saleswoman, owner… every guest’s new best friend and the person they’d never forget. There are hundreds of postcards, letters, photographs and gifts sent to her over decades from all over the world to prove it.

I remember summers in Greece with my grandmother–getting to know guests from all over Europe. Listening to her speak fluent Italian always amazed me. She was joyful and generous.


A matriarchal society, Diafani, really resembles the Amazonian society. My grandmother was a force of nature: fiercely protective of her family and a great provider. She was and still remains the hardest working person I’ve ever known. She never finished elementary school yet she was an entrepreneur and successful business owner all in her own right. Nothing could stop her from selling those “rooms, mor’e, rooms, rooms” and nothing compared to the warm and inviting environment only she could create.

The Heroine & connecting the dots

My grandmother’s life was extended 12 years because of successful surgeries that only The Johns Hopkins Hospital in the U.S. could perform. It was within those 12 years that I truly got to know her, love her and realize by her example what dignity meant. Years later, I worked at Hopkins and helped patients just like her.

After she passed, I was able to recognize other wonder women. I’d see her positive qualities that I admired in them and would connect those people with my yiayia. My sister especially. The first time I read Proverbs 31, I cried because those verses were my grandmother. I still do because she was exceptional.

The last battle

She was strong. She’d hide her suffering. As evident as her physical suffering was, she didn’t want anyone to worry about her. When she had greeted me at the port upon my arrival, she was so weak and thin that she fell forward from the wind. The strongest person I’ve ever known wasn’t strong enough to walk me to the port and see me off as she did every summer. She asked my maternal grandmother to come from Olympos to do so in her place. I always saw that as a passing of the torch.

The Lasso of Truth

Not too long ago, I told someone that I thought her dad would have been so proud of her – I was so taken aback by her reaction when she got teary eyed. I didn’t really get it at that moment, but after a long while it clicked… if someone ever told me my yiayia would have been so proud of me, that would be my reaction too. If I can make a Proverbs 31 Wonder Woman proud, I know I’m doing something right.


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What Crisis?

What Crisis

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62 Stranded Afghan and Syrian refugees helped to safety by locals in Diafani, Karpathos

This made me so happy. It occurred two days ago. Roula Papavasili took the awesome photos below. She’s kindly given permission to share. Thank you, Roula!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the pitch dark night, on the uninhabited island of Saria, 62 souls found themselves scattered on the mountain desperately searching for help that wasn’t there.

Rescue did come. It practically took all night for Diafani’s port authority and police to find them and gather them. They boarded Orfanos’ tourist boat and all 62 men, women and children were brought to safety at 9 AM to Diafani. The photos begin from that moment and they are amazing.

The stay would be very brief as the island’s capital was alerted immediately and transport was arranged. Many in the town rushed together to prepare a meal with the limited time they had. The church hall was used to provide food and shelter to the Syrian and Afghan guests.

I know with Greece’s limited resources at this time, it may be hard to help others. But the heroic and generous Diafaniotes did an excellent job of treating their welcomed guests with dignity. I’ve used 200 words for this post. All I needed though were the photos and this Bible verse to get the message across:

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in…”

My hope for the 62 Afghans and Syrians is that they find the refuge and peace they are truly seeking.


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Spring view from Delfini

Photo and arrangement by our guest and friend Alison McEwan

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Scenes from a Karpathian roadtrip


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